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 The Table- Football Team

Sizes of the players, goalies:

Each normal player’s diameter is between 3cm to 5 cm. The heights of the players are 0.5 cm to 2 cm.

Every goalie’s diameter is the same as the normal player’s but the maximum height is 2.5 cm.

Normal goalie and a normal player




How to design a team?
Naturally 1 Table- Football team has 10 players and 1 goalie.


To design a “jersey” of the team we have to obtain some special papers. Mainly we have to put a mould to the player, with his name, with his number and if we want we can do an extra jersey with sponsors, etc…


In this picture we can see my team, simple design, but generally looks good. This team is the English West Ham United. The middle part of the player is blue, then I printed the name and the number of the player to this special glued paper and then I glued to the player. It is really long-lasting, easy to make and looks good.


If the gamer do not want spend a lot of time to do it he can buy a complete team with jersey.


The professionals are using teams without any numbers or names, because if the player has a lot of moulds the player will move inaccurately. In this case the pro players are not able to play accurately. In a professional game every millimeter is very important.


Plastic Laths:


 There are 2 types of plastic laths:

Straight lath and “Storied” shape Lath

These laths are the most important part of the table-football. These laths help us to move our players. We can do different shots with these.

Basically there are 2 main types of laths: Normal (straight) lath and storied lath.

We can use the normal lath in the normal positions. If the ball is between few players, or if we cannot reach our player with the straight lath we can use the storied lath.

Material of each lath is a special flexible plastic.

There are 4 different uses of laths:

            Storied lath for shooting

            Storied lath for passing

            Normal lath for shooting

            Normal lath for passing

The thickness is depends the uses of laths. The average thickness of passing laths is between 2mm to 1.5 mm, the average thickness of the shooting laths is between 1.5mm to 4mm.

Unfortunately it is impossible to make 1 lath at home, it is has to be an extremely fine polished lath, if it is not well made it is can scratch the player.


Storage for our equipments:


 The player has to take care of his/her Table- Football team; anyways the team is going to be useless.  The players are sensitive for the weather, for everything. We should not drop the teams to the floor. In this picture we can see an average storage. This small box is enough for 4 teams, for all of our laths, etc…

This box can protect our players against the cold and hot weather. Besides this storage can protect our equipments against physical damage, etc…

Size is different, I prefer the following sizes:

            30 cm length

            30 cm width

            10 cm thick


Other equipments:


Goal:    Sizes:

Length: 13 cm

Depth: 5-10 cm

Height: 5 cm
Material:    Hard Metal as usual

Sector measurer:

This small equipment can measure out the 4.7 cm distance between the ball and the player.




Prices of Table- Football equipments:

 The Table- Football is not an expensive sport. If we want to buy the whole equipment (including: 1 average team, 1 pro table, few pro laths, few balls, 1 sector measurer and 1 pair of pro goals) we need nearly 100€.